JFL is a prominent organization engaged in manufacturing of Plastic and Paper flexible packaging, packaging material utilizing Polyester films, BOPP Films, PVC film, PVC shrink labels, LD/PP film, PVC/PP twist wrap films, Lami-Tubes, Aluminum Foil, BOPP printed colorful woven and non-woven bags, laminated Eco-friendly paper bags, and special packaging materials.

The company is specialized in Extrusion coated Laminates such as BOPP/BOPP, BOPP/PET/LDPEPET/BOPP. In addition, we undertake extrusion coating for paper lamination and paper packaging like Glassine LDPEChromo art paper (coated), Brown paper (coated), Aluminum foil and Paper board which is exported for tea, coffee & sugar sachets packaging, exclusively.

JFL has annual capacity of 6000 MT of Laminates and Specialized Extrusion coating Laminate and 1500 MT for BOPP printed Woven / Non woven / Paper bags.

Furthermore, the company fulfills requirements and necessities of a wide range of industries like Snacks, Food, Lami-Tube, Dairy products, Confectionery, Salt, Tea, Sugar, Coffee Beans, Spices, Oils, Shampoo, Mineral water, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural and various other products.

We intend to be the leader in one stop solution for Plastic Packaging needs with best CSR, Quality, and Technology & Human Resource Development.
JFL’s Responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate – environment, social, economic – creating a better tomorrow than today. Our vision focuses on environmental stewardship, activities to benefit society, and a commitment to build value by making JFL a truly sustainable company.
JFL is located at the industrial and highly developed region of Nagpur, India, which enables it to reach any region of India and overseas within a short period of time. Moreover, Nagpur appreciates the strategic location of being situated at the center of India, which comprises of a robust transport system that comprises of roadways, airways, and railways.
JFL is proud to be associated with an outstanding team of competent and dedicated professionals who understands goals of the company and is passionate about offering excellent customers services. Since these professionals have adopted values of JFL, which includes commitment, honesty, and dedication, they serve clients on a priority basis. In addition, as  JFL serves global clients, it is aware and respects the significance  of cultural sensitivity and trains its employees in the same. This approach has helped JFL to earn appreciation of worldwide clients.